Questions To Ask When Visiting A New CBD Store

If you're a CBD user, you're probably pretty excited when a new CBD store opens in your town! You want to explore the aisles, try some new products, and see if they have good deals on anything you already buy. When you visit the new CBD store for the first time, it is also a good idea to have a chat with an employee or the owner. Here are some questions to ask in order to learn more about the store and its products.

Where does the store get their CBD?

Most CBD stores do not make their own products. They buy the products wholesale from a company that either grows and presses the hemp or that buys and presses the hemp. It's nice to know where your medicine is coming from, so ask the CBD store worker to tell you a bit about the farms and companies they purchase from. They may be able to give you some brochures or even just some company names so you can research these producers and learn a little more about how they produce their CBD.

What products do they think are the best?

Even if you have tried a lot of CBD products before, there's a good chance this store has some new ones that you have not tried yet. Plus, the store owners have probably tried some products you have not tried. So, asking the store workers what products they recommend may point you towards some new CBD options you may not have thought of buying on your own.

Are there any sales or discounts coming up?

You can usually look around the store to see what's marked down or discounted. But you may also want to ask an employee about upcoming discounts. They may tell you that a product you're interested in will be going on sale next week or the week after that. In which case, you may want to wait to buy the product when it costs less. The worker may also tell you about discounts that are not as widely advertised. For instance, some stores offer 10% off of purchases over a certain amount, but only for customers who ask.

When you visit a new CBD store, don't hesitate to get chatty! People who open CBD stores typically do so because they love the products they are selling. So, they'll be happy to talk to you and answer your questions.