Want Your Gift Recipient’s Bobble Head To Look Just Like Them? Take Note Of These 3 Body Characteristics

Do you plan to order a custom bobble head from a place like Webobble for a friend, family member, or coworker? Do you want their new gift to resemble them as closely as possible? For an exact replica of your gift recipient, you'll need to match the appearance of more than just their face; you'll need to match their body, too. Most custom bobble head companies will allow you to upload an image of your gift recipient's body, but you'll get better results by including a brief note that describes their body details along with your order.

So, how do you describe your gift recipient's body? Here's a rundown of what to make note of.

Body Shape

Men usually fall into 1 of 3 body shapes: ectomorphic, mesomorphic, or endomorphic. Ectomorphic males are those gents with small frames, flat, firm stomachs, and chests that are proportionate to their bodies.

Mesomorphic males have wide, rectangular bodies. They've got larger frames than ectomorphic males, well-defined muscles, and broad chests.

Finally, endomorphic men have round, soft, plump bodies with little muscle definition.

Ladies have a few more body types than men. Women with few curves and wide hips and shoulders are considered to have an athletic shape. Those with wide shoulders and narrow hips are considered cone shaped.

If your female gift recipient carries extra weight in her buttocks but is relatively thin elsewhere, she has a spoon-shaped body, and if she carries extra weight in her midsection but has small hips and thin legs, she's apple-shaped. 

Last but not least are the hourglass-shaped ladies. These women have the classic model body with a large bust, full hips, and small waists.

Whatever your gift recipient's body shape, write it out in words so the creator of your hand-crafted bobble head can truly capture their appearance.

Arm Length

Don't assume that just because your arms reach mid-thigh when in the relaxed position that your gift recipient's will too. Arm length varies drastically from individual to individual. The tale of professional football players Adam Terry and Marcus Mcneill hold proof.

Both men weighed in to second round picks at roughly 330 pounds. However, despite the fact that Terry was a full inch taller than Mcneill, his arm reach was 3 and 1/4 inches shorter. The result? Mcneill won himself a starting position while Terry was stuck playing backup. 

Arm length matters, so try to catch a glimpse of where the tip of your gift recipient's fingers fall at their sides when they're standing in a relaxed position, and include this small detail in the note to your bobble head maker.


Replicating your gift recipient's posture is another way to surely capture their appearance in the bobble head you're having made.

Few people have perfect posture. In most cases, their head will naturally lean slightly forward or backward, their back will have some degree of curve, their knees will be more rigid or relaxed when at rest, or their hips will jut ever-so-subtly in one direction. 

Spend a day watching how your gift recipient carries their body weight. If you'd classify them as loose-limbed, or if they always seem stiff, make sure that the person responsible for creating their bobble head mini-me knows about it.

If you want to order a bobble head that's an exact replica of your friend, family member, or coworker, don't stop at making sure the facial features match well. Examine the details of your gift recipient's body and supply your bobble head creator with your findings. When you finally present the bobble head to the person it was crafted for, they're sure to appreciate the detail you put into capturing their character.