5 Tips For Shooting Video Scenes With E-Cigarettes

In classic films, it was common to see a character pull out a cigarette and smoke directly on screen. As people became aware of the danger associated with cigarettes, they slowly disappeared from the screen. With the expansion of the electronic cigarette, a healthier alternative is now available. When creating any type of video project, there are lot of differences when shooting scenes with e-cigarettes instead of standard ones.

The following five tips can help you properly shoot scenes with e-cigarettes. The tips will help you capture the e-cigarette and avoid a potential problem that could interfere with your video production.

Vapor Scenes

One of the more visual parts of using an electronic cigarette is the vapor that's created. Vapor can create dynamic moments during scenes and showcase quiet moments with characters. There are multiple ways to showcase the vapor in scenes.

One of these ways is with your lighting. Low spotlights that shine upwards is a great way to capture the streams of vapor as it goes through the air. This type of lighting can also add a dramatic mood to scenes.

The temperature of the shoot can also change the look of water vapor. By making a room a little colder, the vapor will be easy to see on video. It will remain in the air a little longer and create a dramatic visual effect as it is blown out of an actor's mouth.

Liquid Vapor Colors

When purchasing e-cigarettes, there are a lot of options for the liquid vapor that you choose. Depending on the characters in your film, you can select different vapor colors for scenes. These colors often represent different flavors, but they can also be used as representations for characters.

For example, if you have an evil character in your film, the character can use a red vapor. The liquid vapor can be seen in the vapor that is blown and in the chamber of the e-cigarette. Use other colors to represent different characters and their smoking preferences.

Battery Settings

A majority of e-cigarettes have two different battery settings. With an automatic setting, a person can suck on the e-cigarette to automatically activate it. With a manual setting, a button must be pressed to activate the cigarette.

While filming scenes, keeping the batteries set to an automatic mode will help the actors naturally integrate the e-cigarettes into the scene. Instead of stopping to press a button, the character can lift and use the e-cigarette like a traditional cigarette. This can also help the device blend into the scene naturally and become a part of the character.


As you capture audio for your film, it's important to be aware of the noises an e-cigarette can make. When sucking in vapor, the mechanism can sometimes make a small noise if the chamber is too low or too full.

To capture quiet scenes, it's important to keep the e-cigarette off. It can still be held, but actors should pretend to use it when trying to capture proper audio. Use alternate takes for shots where vapor or the electronics of e-cigarettes are shown.

Lighted E-Cigarettes

The technology used in e-cigarettes makes a great moody effect for dark scenes. A lot of e-cigarettes feature lights, including neon blue lights. During completely dark scenes, these small lights can have a big impact. During close-up scenes, the lights can be used to illuminate faces or smaller objects like newspapers and book covers.

Try out different e-cigarettes to help figure out what lights can be the most effective on your video shoot. Look through different scenes to see how the lights of an e-cigarette could be used. You can get an idea of your options by visiting resources like http://vapoligy.com.

The e-cigarettes that you use for your production do not need to be the star of the movie, but they can make a big impact small scenes. Work on ways to properly implement them so they look natural and create a dynamic part of your production.