Making A Good Impression: Choosing Eyeglass Frames To Express Who You Really Are

Your eyeglasses do more than correct your vision. They frame your face and send a message to the world about the kind of person you are. In the past, choosing a frame was all about the shape of your face, but in today's visual world it is more important than ever to choose a set of frames that express who you are. According to Princeton psychologists, it takes one-tenth of second to form a first impression by looking at a person's face. That makes choosing the right frames even more important if you want to succeed both socially and in the workplace. Follow these guidelines for choosing frames for your glasses that send the message you want to the world to receive.

Show Off Your Creativity and Fashion Sense

If you want to be known for your creativity or are into the latest fashions, try exaggerated versions of vintage frames, frames with laser-cut details, or frames with multi-colored laminates in creative designs, such as flowers or wild animal prints. Likewise, choosing non-traditional colors, like bold blues, greens, or purples will send the message that you enjoy your creative side. If creativity is your overriding trait, look for frames that emphasis it.

Emphasize Your Business Confidence

If you interact with a wide selection of clients in the business world, instilling confidence and and competence is important. To do this, stick to traditional, conservative frames, in classic ovals, almond shapes, or rectangles. While either plastic or metal frames will work, stay away from unusual colors and go with black, gray, brown, silver, and gold. Tortoise patterns can also be worn.

Soften Aging Faces

If you are a senior, there is a fine line between looking like you are ready to be put out for pasture and looking like an old person trying to look young. Fortunately, there are eyeglass frames that can soften the effects of age and give you a more youthful appearance. If you are a baby boomer or beyond, try soft cat-eye shapes for women and up-swept rectangles for men. But the shape isn't the only thing you should pay attention to. Choose burgundy, deep browns, or gunmetal for men and lighter shades for women. Women should also avoid black or silver and go for lighter, shinier frames, as they add life to the face and enhance your skin tone.

Keep an Eye on the Practical

If you are a busy parent, you probably have more to worry about than the style of your glasses, but being practical or fashionable isn't an either-or decision. Choose sturdy frames that add a little color to your life, too. Look for classic shapes like up-swept rectangles, soft cat eyes, and ovals, and add a touch of color. Plum, red, green, or black all enhance the appearance of your glasses while maintaining their practicality.

Try Out New Styles for Students

Whether you are still in high school or pursuing your Master's degree in engineering, your glasses should be both practical and express your personality with style. Because you aren't yet controlled by the corporate world, you have the freedom to go with any style you choose. That means you can try out the vintage or geeky look if you prefer or you can go modern and intellectual. This is the time when you are free to express yourself with bold colors and unusual frames as you discover who you really are.

If you are undecided about the type of frames you should get for your glasses, consider buying two pairs—one for everyday wear at home and another for work or play. There are many options for eyeglass frames, and they can eve be purchased online. Contact a company like Frame Crafters to learn more.