Custom Medal Ideas For Summer Camp

Summer camp counselors are always looking for ways to make the camping experience memorable for those who attend. Camp T-shirts, photo collages, and all sorts of other methods can all help to augment your campers' enjoyment, but you might also wish to consider custom medals. It's conventional for summer camps to have a banquet event on the last day or night before the camp ends, and this is often a time to celebrate accomplishments and even recognize individual campers for a multitude of reasons. If you're in charge of planning this event, consider contacting a custom medals company to have some medals made up. Here are some fun types of medals to consider.

Best Mentor

If your summer camp includes children of different ages, you may find that some of your older campers serve as mentors to those who are younger. Even in a camp setting with children of all the same age, those who have been through summer camp in the past may play a mentoring role to first-time campers. It's nice to recognize these leadership qualities at your concluding banquet, and doing so with a "Best Mentor" custom medal can be ideal.

Best Helper

At summer camp, you'll notice how some campers are eager to jump into any situation and help out, whether it's giving the serving staff a hand clearing plates away after a meal or assisting counselors in getting an activity set up. Camps often rely on the assistance of their campers to run smoothly, and the campers who lend a hand in this way can really augment the camp experience for everyone. Being a helper is definitely a trait that you want to recognize, so a "Best Helper" medal is a good one to get made up.

Future Counselor

Often, you'll encounter summer campers who possess the attributes that a good camp counselor has. And, while it might be several years before the camper in question can even entertain working in this capacity, you might wish to encourage him or her to take on this role eventually, if it's something that the child finds appealing. A custom medal labeled "Future Counselor" can recognize the recipient for possessing these skills. You don't need to award just one medal per category, as it may be difficult to find just a few deserving winners; it can be advantageous to get multiple custom medals made up to recognize any and all deserving candidates.

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