How You Sleep Determines The Type Of Pillow You Need

When it comes to getting a quality night's sleep, your pillow matters a lot. The wrong pillow can disrupt the quality of your sleep. That is why you need to evaluate how you sleep and use that information to pick the best pillow for your sleep style.

#1 Side Sleeper

If you like to sleep on your side, you need a really thick pillow. Side sleepers need really thick pillows because you are relying on your pillow to fill in the entire space between your ear and shoulder area.

You need a pillow that will fill in that space and keep your spine straight as you sleep. When your pillow doesn't adequately fill in that space, your head and neck will be at an awkward angle in relation to your spine, which can cause neck pain. The best way to get rid of neck pain and headaches is by getting a pillow that is tall enough to keep your spine aligned as you sleep on your side.

#2 Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, you need a pillow that will form to the back of your head and support the curves of your neck. You want a pillow that will support your neck muscles and allow your neck muscles to relax as you sleep.

One of the best types of pillows for back sleepers are pillows with either gel or memory foam. Both gel and memory foam pillows are designed to form to the shape of your head and provide your head with all the support that it needs. Having the right support will relax the muscles in your neck and can help reduce lower back pain as well.

As a back sleeper, you want to use a thin pillow. Your pillow doesn't have to fill in as much space as a side sleeper pillow. In fact, if your pillow is too thick, it will elevate your head and neck so that it is at an awkward angle to your back, which can also cause back and neck pain issues.

#3 Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach frequently, what you need is a body pillow. A body pillow will provide your entire body with the support that it needs. However, if you frequently sleep on your stomach, work on training yourself to sleep differently. Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your spine at all.

As for a regular pillow, you want to go with a thin pillow, just like back sleepers. A thin pillow will provide your neck with support and keep it aligned with your spine. A thick pillow will situate your neck at an awkward angle as you sleep.

How you sleep dictates the type of pillow that you should use. Think about how you sleep and use that information to help you choose the right pillow. Sleeping with the right pillow can help you get a good night's rest. Look into specific pillows like a custom thickness queen men's pillow to find what works for you.