Breaking Down Quartz Coil Top Airflow Cartridges To Understand The Benefits

Vaping is huge these days, thanks to the industry that has created hundreds of vaping smoke flavors. The vaping oil comes in cartridges or in oil that can be poured into special mini-bongs that transform the oil into vape smoke. If you opt for the latter vaping device and form of vaping oil, you may want to try a quartz coil, top airflow cartridge piece in your mini-bong. To get an idea of why this tiny component has so many benefits, it will help to first explain what this product is and does. 

Quartz Coil

​There is a component that fits into the bottom of the vaping mini-bong. When this component is inserted, the top half of it is visual inside the clear glass body of the mini-bong. On the very top of this component is a spring coil made of quartz known as the quartz coil. A quartz coil is able to warm the vaping oil while simultaneously prevent its own short life. Ergo, you can continuously use the quartz coil(s) component to vape in the same device and not have to keep replacing it after only a month or two of vaping. 

Top Airflow

​Top airflow in this case means that the vape "juice" flows over the top of the exposed quartz coil (or coils, as you can buy a double quartz coil component, too) before it is vaporized and inhaled through the top mouthpiece. The vape smoke flows upward toward the top of the glass body of the mini-bong and sits there until the vaping consumer draws the vape smoke through the mouthpiece. The vape "juice" does not have to be channeled through any other components in order to become vaporized and ready to inhale. 


​In some cases, the quartz coil component fits onto a small cartridge that would otherwise be used in a vaping pen. This is convenient for any vaping consumer that cannot find liquid vape juice to use as refills for their vaping device, but they can find vaping pen accessories. Altogether then, a quartz coil top airflow cartridge product is a vaping product that allows you to quickly vaporize vaping juice from an attached cartridge by allowing the vape juice to flow over he quartz coils, which vaporizes the juice into vape smoke and sends it upward to await being drawn into your mouth. You should be able to find this wherever vaping products are sold.