Are You Landscaping Your Backyard With A New Look?

In the past, maybe you have just had your lawn and a few plants in your backyard. Maybe you were too busy to really landscape in a greater way, or perhaps your budget didn't allow for a lot of extras to beautify your backyard. Whatever the case, if your circumstances have changed and you can really go to town on the landscaping, you are probably really looking forward to that.

You also might feel a little bit stumped about what you want to do to make your backyard look fabulous. If that's the case, from planning things like a wagon wheel planter display to purchasing hanging plants and real birdhouses, here are some ideas that might help.

A Wagon Wheel Planter Display - Have you seen the wagon wheels that are created to be used in landscaping? If so, maybe you knew from the beginning that you would include one in your backyard landscape plan. If you haven't seen this type of planter before, prepare to be enchanted. Besides the wagon wheel base, the design includes a place for pots that can be filled with different kinds of plants.

Think of using the wagon wheel planter display as the focal piece for your backyard. Fill the pots with things like ivy, geraniums, and ferns to make it even more unique. Having additional pots next to the wagon wheel planter is another idea. If you do decide to add the extra pots, consider buying the kind that will complement the pots in the wagon wheel planter. 

Add Hanging Objects - Do you have trees in your backyard? If so, consider hanging plants from the branches. Ferns and bougainvillea are both good choices for your hanging plants. Another idea is to have actual birdhouses hanging from the trees. Besides adding interest to your backyard, having real birdhouses will more than likely attract birds to your backyard. With that in mind, think of including a water fountain that the birds can use for bathing and for drinking water.

If you haven't done so already, think of looking through gardening magazines to get more ideas for your backyard landscaping. Another idea is to go to home and garden shows. Besides being inspired to landscape with a unique look, you might even find some decorations and plants for a good price at a home and garden show. 

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