Three Jobs For Which Hiking Shoes Can Be Perfect

Hiking shoes are the perfect footwear for a woman who enjoys long hikes in rugged terrain, but this type of shoe isn't only suitable for recreational activities. In many scenarios, it's also ideal to wear to work — provided that you have a job that involves a lot of walking and time spent outdoors. Hiking shoes aren't as heavy as hiking boots, so the former choice of footwear may look a little better with your work attire while also being lighter on your feet to help you keep moving and avoid fatigue. If you work in one of the following jobs, consider wearing women's hiking shoes to work.

Dog Walker

If you work as a dog walker, either as an employee for a local business or working for yourself on a part-time basis, you'll be spending a lot of time on your feet. Proper footwear is essential, and you may find that hiking shoes are a better choice than running shoes. This is especially true if you lead the dogs on trails at local parks. Dogs often love getting to experience nature trails, and these locations can be more pleasant for you than just walking down the sidewalk. With hiking shoes, you'll avoid foot fatigue and enjoy plenty of traction as you walk.

Tour Guide

Some tour guides can get away with formal footwear if they only work indoors, but this isn't the case for everyone in this field. If you work as a tour guide and spend a lot of time not only outdoors, but also in uneven terrain, you'll want to wear shoes that promote stability and traction. For example, if you work at a museum with several outdoor attractions, a natural history site, or some other similar type of venue, hiking shoes can be a good choice. In this job, you may have to spend the bulk of your day on your feet — and you can trust that your feet won't feel tired at the end of the day.

Park Ranger

Hiking shoes are a perfect choice of footwear for a park ranger. Whether you work for a national park, a state park, or just a local community park, you'll not only be on your feet a lot of the time, but you'll also be walking on trails and across undisturbed land. Hiking shoes provide a significant amount of grip so that you can walk with confidence, and this sturdiness also reduces the risk of you twisting an ankle and ending up with an injury. Visit a local outdoors retailer to find the right pair of hiking shoes for you.