Remodel Your Master Bathroom With A Contemporary Theme

Will one of your first projects for 2020 be the remodeling of your present bathroom? Maybe you have been wanting to give the room a contemporary feeling. Are you looking for ideas that will add a unique touch to the bathroom? If so, read on for some ideas that might help you.

If you are establishing a contemporary mood, think of two words that will help you to do that. Those words are Simple and Sleek. A contemporary bathroom probably won't have things like ornate gold framed mirrors or glass chandeliers as part of the decor. Even the bathtub you select will help to give your remodeled bathroom the contemporary look you want.

​The Bathtub - For instance, select a free standing bathtub that has been designed with the no-nonsense sleek and simple design that will add to a contemporary mood. Another idea is to have a built in bathtub, again with a modern feeling to it. Choose either white, or a tub with a white interior and a black exterior.

Even the hardware you choose for the bathtub will play an important part in your newly remodeled bathroom. Choose chrome hardware.

Will you want water jets as part of the bathtub design? And, will a shower also be part of the bathtub, or will you have a separate shower? 

The sales person at the facility where you purchase your bathtub will have a portfolio of bathtubs that can be special ordered, just in case they are not on the showroom floor. 

The Sinks - Will your bathroom have one or two sinks in it? Either way, select the same kind of design as you chose for your bathtub. Picture a freestanding bathtub and a freestanding sink. That's pretty dramatic, isn't it? Choose hardware for the sinks that will match the bathtub hardware. Black or white granite or tile would be great for the countertops.

The Floors - Think of going with the traditional black and white tile that is often associated with contemporary designs. Or, choose faux painted cement for your new floor. Faux paint the floors in a bright color to add drama to the bathroom. Turquoise, bright yellow, or fire engine red would all add interest to your contemporary bathroom. Both tile and cement would be easy to maintain and would last for a long time. 

The Artwork - Think of doing the artwork yourself. Creating free style Picasso-like paintings would be a lot of fun for you to do. Pick out one of the predominant colors in the paintings for the color of the frames. 

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