4 Reasons To Love Essential Oils

Bergamot is an orange that gains its name from the town of Bergamo near Lombardy, Italy. People don't generally consume bergamot oranges except in Earl Grey tea, which is flavored with the fruit. The oil comes from a cold compression of the fruit's rinds, and it has extensive uses. If you've never used bergamot essential oil, keep reading for some reasons you'll love it.

1. Bergamot's Fragrance Reduces Anxiety

The main use for bergamot essential oil is in aromatherapy. People generally find the scent to be both uplifting and soothing. Studies have shown that people exposed to bergamot aromatherapy felt significantly less anxiety in otherwise stressful situations.

If you want to use bergamot oil for this purpose, you can add it to a traditional diffuser. You can also mix it with water in a spray bottle and use it as a soothing room spray.

2. Bergamot Smells Good on the Skin

Bergamot has a sunny, bright scent you'd expect from a citrus. However, it also features undertones that are both spicy and floral. Several perfume manufacturers use it in their scents. When you use it as an essential oil on the skin, the scent can open up and smell unique because of your individual body chemistry.

Bergamot essential oil also has disinfectant and antibacterial qualities. Combined with its unique scent, those qualities make bergamot essential oil good as a natural deodorant. You can use it alone, but it's more effective if you mix it with stabilizers such as shea butter or bentonite clay.

3. Bergamot Essential Oil Helps Tame Nervous Indigestion

Some people suffer from nervous indigestion because of stress and anxiety. Well, they can sniff bergamot essential oil, but they can also ingest it. When you take bergamot oil, it stimulates the production of bile and digestive juices in your stomach, which helps relieve nervous indigestion.

You could ingest the drops directly. However, it will help your indigestion even more if you mix it with tea.

4. Bergamot Can Soothe Acne

Several compounds in bergamot oil feature anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Those properties make the oil a good treatment for acne since the inflammation is partially caused by underlying bacteria. It can also reduce pain, which is ideal for painful pimples and cysts.

You can use bergamot essential oil for acne in a couple of ways. One is to mix it with an unscented emulsion to act as a carrier. Apply the mixture directly to the area of acne, and leave on overnight. The other way to use bergamot for acne is to mix it and its emulsion with your usual facial cleanser. Make sure to wear sunscreen because bergamot oil can increase sun sensitivity.

Reap the benefits of bergamot essential oil by trying some of the above ideas. Look for bergamot essential oil online