Celebrate Your New Swimming Pool With These Gifts For Your Wife

If you've recently had a swimming pool installed in your backyard, there's a good chance that your entire family has been enjoying countless hours in and around the water. If you're thinking about gift ideas for your wife's birthday, something that relates to the pool can be a good idea — especially if she has a summertime birthday. Shopping on the internet presents you with a number of worthwhile options, so think about what your wife might need or want and then place your order. Here are some pool-related suggestions.

Pool Floats

Buying one or more pool floats is sure to be a gift that your wife appreciates. When you shop online for this popular accessory, you have a virtually endless choice of designs. While there's nothing wrong with conventional pool floats, the market today is filled with fun shapes and colors. For example, you can get pool floats that are shaped like donuts, wine bottles, and frozen treats. Other options include a variety of real and fantasy creatures, such as unicorns, flamingos, and sharks. This is a gift that your wife will enjoy but will also be exciting for your children.

Wireless Speaker

Few things go together better than pool parties and music, so you can give your wife a chance to get the music pumping with the gift of a wireless outdoor speaker. These products come in a variety of styles, from small objects that sit on tabletops to those that can even float around the swimming pool. Some outdoor speakers even look like rocks or other natural elements, making them suitable to stick in a flower garden adjacent to the swimming pool. Your wife will be able to easily sync her smartphone or tablet to any of these devices and share a music playlist with everyone around the pool.

LED Lights

Some swimming pools have lights built into them, but if your pool doesn't have this feature, you can help out. You don't need to get the pool retrofitted for lights — instead, you can buy a variety of floating LED lights that are placed on the surface of the water and cast a colorful glow around it. This is especially fun for nighttime swimming, when the lights can seemingly turn the water into a vibrant color. Each of these swimming-related products is available online, so you can buy it in advance of your wife's big day and be ready to make her smile.

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