What To Know About CBD Infused Edibles

One of the most popular ways to consume CBD is through edibles, even more so than using CBD flower and tinctures. The experience of taking a CBD infused edible can help give you relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain, which makes this a great way to get the help you need for life's many ailments. Here are a few things to know about CBD edibles before you try it.

Know How CBD Edibles Work

When you inhale vaporized CBD, it goes directly into your lungs where it enters your bloodstream immediately. It's a reason why smoking CBD can impact you immediately, with it lasting anywhere from minutes to hours. However, edibles have to go through the digestive system before they go into your bloodstream. This means it can take a couple of hours to feel the effects, and as the CBD slowly enters your bloodstream, it can have a lasting effect that is much longer than vaporizing or smoking. 

Know Your Desired Results

It is always so important to go slow when using CBD infused edibles. While you can always take more if you are not seeing the desired effects, you can't take less after you've eaten a CBD infused edible. That's why it's very important that you know what you want to get out of having a CBD infused product and that you go slowly until you can figure out the right dose to get that effect. 

For example, a dose of CBD infused edibles is usually around 25mg. If you want less anxiety when trying to fall asleep at night, it may be best to start with a single dose of CBD at 25mg to see if it works. If not, up the dosage to 50mg the next night. Keep upping the dosage until you start to notice the effect so you know the minimum you need to get your desired results.

Know Your Desired Edible Form

CBD edibles have come a long way over the years since you no longer have to just consume them through an infused browner. CBD products are made in the form of gummies, tea, candy, and cookies. Since dosing can range between different products. Always look at how much CBD is contained in a single dose. For instance, a CBD infused candy bar may have pieces that are designed to be broken off to provide 25mg of CBD, while another contains 25mg of CBD in the entire bar.