Common Traits Of A Bar Faucet

Adding a second sink to your kitchen is a good decision for a number of reasons. This sink, which you may install in your kitchen island or perhaps toward the end of your main countertop, provides a second water source — something that is convenient when someone is standing in front of the kitchen's main sink. If you're thinking about adding a second sink, you'll want to choose the right faucet for it. Often, the answer can come in the form of a bar faucet. Your plumbing supply retailer likely carries a wide selection of bar faucets, which commonly have the following design traits.

Smaller Size

You'll usually find that bar faucets are smaller in size than faucets that are designed for use in the main kitchen sink. Often, your kitchen's secondary sink will be smaller than the main sink, so it makes sense to choose a bar faucet because of its smaller size. You'll appreciate the smaller size of the bar faucet, especially if the second sink is on your island. For example, if you have guests seated at the island, the compact nature of the faucet means that it won't significantly stick up in front of them and create an obstruction.

Gooseneck Shape

While there are lots of different shapes that you'll notice when you look at a variety of standard kitchen faucets, you shouldn't be surprised to see a gooseneck design when you assess bar faucets. The gooseneck shape is handy for a bar sink, as you'll often use this sink for filling pitchers with water before meals, for example. This shape makes it easy to position tall objects, including pitchers, vases, and more, under the faucet without making contact with it. Additionally, if you have a gooseneck faucet for your main sink, a gooseneck bar faucet will provide visual unity.

Simple Design

Bar faucets often have simple designs. You may even categorize some of their designs as minimalist. Whereas the main sink in your kitchen can often be elaborate — for example, it might have a pull-out head — bar faucets tend to forgo these extra elements. In many cases, a bar faucet will simply have an inverted "U" shape with a small handle that you can use to turn the water on and off, as well as adjust its temperature. If you're the type of homeowner who favors simple elements, you'll have no trouble finding a bar faucet to suit your sense of style.

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