A Complete Guide To Balloon Arch Decorations

Suppose you're planning a celebratory event such as a birthday or graduation party. In that case, getting suitable decorations should be a priority. Decorative items such as balloon arches add beauty, color, and pomp to a venue or space. Plus, balloons are affordable and simple yet effective at impressing the guests. If you want to know more about decorating using balloon arches, you are in the right place.

What are Balloon Arches?

Balloon arches are decorations that are mainly prepared using balloons and anchored wire bases. Professionals design typical arches with regular air balloons. However, if you prefer a floating decorative item, they may create one with helium balloons. Balloon arches are ideal for spotlighting various places, including dance floors, doorways, stages, store entrances, and head tables. And, depending on temperature, your balloon arch may last anywhere from a couple of hours to a few weeks.

Types of Balloon Arches to Consider for Your Event

The most popular balloon arch designs available today include:

1.       Packed balloon arches

A packed arch resembles a thick and sturdy garland made using a row of closely-packed balloons. This design is arguably the most classic and widely used. Balloon arch creators often offer different pack arch patterns, the most common being blocks of color, spiral, solid colors, random colors, diamond, and zigzag shapes. This balloon arch design may be the best option if you plan an official occasion such as a corporate event, product launch, or grand opening.

2.       Organic balloon arches

Despite the name, an organic balloon arch doesn't necessarily have to be shaped like an arch. In fact, most of these are vast stretches of balloon garlands designed like an upside-down L. That means you are more likely to find organic balloon arches resembling demi-arches or semi-arches. 

3.       Single balloon arches

Single balloon arches are just that: single balloon rows mounted on single lines. This arch design is for anyone with an indoor event that doesn't demand intricate decorations. Besides simplicity, some people choose single arches because they require fewer materials and are more economical than the other alternatives.

4.       Foil balloon arches

Foil balloon arches are designed for anyone searching for a long-lasting solution. That is so because this design involves foil balloons, which are durable, versatile, and reusable. That means, after an event, you can take down and store a foil balloon arch. Then if you have another occasion that requires decorating, all you have to do is bring it out. Besides, foil arches are more effective at creating a brilliant and dynamic shine in outdoor or indoor settings. 

If you are interested in using a balloon arch at your next event, contact a company like Today's Balloons to talk about your options.