Shop For Runner Rugs For Your Place Of Business

Runner rugs will protect flooring within hallways, the foyer, and other narrow spaces around your place of business. Shop for runners that will provide adequate coverage and coincide with the design of each interior space.

Runner Rugs Versus Area Rugs

Runner rugs are typically long and rectangular in shape. They are designed to fit within restricted areas that are not well-suited for the installation of standard carpeting. Runner rugs do not require the use of padding or anchoring materials. These types of floor coverings tend to have a textured backing material secured to them. The backing will prevent a runner from moving.

Area rugs are often made of the same types of textiles that runner rugs contain. An area rug is usually smaller in size than a runner rug. Area rugs can be found in various shapes and sizes. An area rug is suited for covering flooring between an ensemble of furnishings or along one distinct part of a floor.

An area rug is often considered an accent floor covering. Its main purpose is to add a decorative element to a room. A rug runner's main purpose is to protect flooring materials that are prone to damage. Many rug runner products are designed to provide protection as well as add a design element to interior floor spaces.

Shopping Strategies

Before you shop for rug runners, consider the amount of foot traffic you typically see at your place of business. If a lot of people tend to frequent your business, you may want to shop for a dark-colored rug runner product.

If you prefer a light-colored floor covering, you can shop for products that have been treated with a stain/water repellent. These types of products aren't hard to maintain. The repellent that has been applied to the textiles that comprise this type of floor covering will ward off signs of damage for a long duration. A rug runner that has been treated will be able to withstand heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

Placement Steps

After you purchase runner rugs, use a measuring tape to help you place the floor coverings evenly over the flooring within your place of business. If a runner is being used in an area that contains doorways, lay the rug out so that it lays flush and provides adequate coverage by each entryway that people will be accessing. If you will be using runner rugs along a long hallway that doesn't contain many doorways, center each floor covering across the flooring.